Where Do You Shop?

There will always be those who prioritise price and those who prioritise quality, recession or not, and whatever the industry. To accommodate all shoppers, the full range of providers is available: from Lidl to Waitrose, from Fiat to Porsche and from George at ASDA to Dior. Translation is no exception: you get what you pay for.

When I used to work in sales (selling web hosting solutions), the sales manager would always tell us, with a defiant tone of voice and a stern look on his face, “We do not sell on price, here! We pay some muppets to look after that data centre round the clock, even on bl**dy Christmas Day! If people want to pay peanuts, they can go elsewhere! We do not sell on price!!” Now that I have my own business to manage, that’s my philosophy exactly: I do not sell on price. I focus on quality.

I’d add to that that having worked in accounts for various companies, in sales and now for myself, I find it a constant that good clients pay good money for a good service and they pay in good time; they are grateful, loyal and they understand that respect is a mutual thing. Those who quibble on price from the onset are likely to be a pain all the way, with no appreciation for the quality of your work or for your efforts to be flexible with their super-tight deadlines, and, obsessed as they are with bargains, they’ll hunt around for another victim next time for the sake of a 50p discount.

Choosing to prioritise between quality and price is a prerogative that both the client and the provider have. No one is a victim. I prioritise quality because I value respect: for my clients’ sake, my own and the profession’s.

Dior, 1947

Christian Dior, 1947

Photo: diorablestyle.blogspot.co.uk

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