When Work and Fun Come Together

As a translator specialising in visual arts, pictures on my website are a must. The issue is that translation does not quite lend itself to pictures, hence the plethora of translation websites displaying either photos of shelves loaded with language books and dictionaries or images of foreign countries. While both themes are perfectly relevant and can look really good, the first can only appeal to fellow language nerds (yes, that’s what we are!) and the second will easily fall into the cliché category (how many websites relating to the French language use images of the Eiffel Tower and fields of lavender?).

As a keen photographer (with web design work experience), I have always used my own photos to emphasise my creative and artistic side and hopefully appeal to art clients. But so far, although my photos fitted in with the sparse visual style and limited colour range of my website, they admittedly had little relevance to my work. So I had wanted to change them for a while but couldn’t think of a good theme that would not clash with my green logo and would be relevant or interesting to art clients.

Then a few of days ago, the light bulb finally came on: green street art! As I live in Bristol, Banksy’s city and a street art Mecca, I knew where to go, provided the graffiti I had in mind was still there. And luckily, it was.

My website has now been updated. Please have a look and feel free to share your views!

greet graffiti

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