Raising Awareness of Translation

Back in July, I wrote about revamping my website with photos of green street art. The truth is that I had another idea initially, but it didn’t work out.

Having a passion for photography, one sunny weekend in June, I went to a local beach to take photos of an old lighthouse. Looking through the view finder at the sea-facing side, which has a wide red stripe running down its white wall, with the blue sky on either side, it struck me that I was looking at the French flag. This gave me the idea of doing a series of photos with the colours of the French and British flags. But as I anticipated, the colours clashed with my green logo. So the idea fell through. Instead, I published the photos on my photography blog.

A couple of months later, as photographers of the blogosphere sometimes publish photo challenges for other photographers, I decided to create such a challenge on the theme of flag colours: choose a flag as a colour scheme and share one or more photos with only these colours in the frame. To highlight the international character of the challenge, I published it on International Translation Day (30 September).

As well as bringing my passions for languages and photography together, this is also an opportunity to raise awareness of how translators, whose work tends to be invisible and often taken for granted, are more than quiet linguists working in isolation. Our interests support our work – and vice versa – and our specialisms and knowledge, which are wide and varied, go beyond books and theory. We can be found on the ground too, practising what we translate.

lighthouse detail

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