Need Your Website Translated? Do Your Prep!

Sending a link to your website for a translation quotation may seem like the quickest and easiest way for you, but a translator will only be able to give you a rough “guesstimation” from that.

Presumably, the text content of your website were originally prepared in MS Word (and possibly Excel) before being communicated to your webmaster. Similarly, your translator needs the full and exact texts in Word (and/or Excel) so that they know exactly how much there is to translate and can give you an exact quotation and timescale. They will also need your texts in those editable formats to work on them.

Failing that, we have to copy and paste all the texts into a Word document, crossing our fingers that nothing has been missed (which could invalidate our quotation). Copying and pasting will likely cause the layout to be all over the place, with out-of-sync sections, making little sense to us when translating, so we would have to go back and forth between the Word document we created and your website, adding considerable time to the invoice and making it difficult for us to concentrate and ensure the quality of our work. Additionally, you and your webmaster would probably have no idea what is what when you receive the translation in the foreign language. To align the two versions, it helps if the source text (original) and the target one (translation) follow the same layout.

So before requesting a quotation or estimation, do your preparatory work: present the texts in a workable format that you, your translator and your webmaster will understand and be able to easily compare with the translated versions when they come in. This way, we all know where we stand and where we’re going from the start, and we can work smoothly, efficiently and fast together.

And keep these Word versions in your archives for future updates. I shall explain why next week. So stay tuned!


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