The MOOC Experience

In September, I completed a MOOC in Social Psychology with the Wesleyan University (USA) via Coursera and I’m pleased to report that I passed with distinction (91%). So what was the course like?

Well, I expected a MOOC to be a fairly light course, but it proved fairly demanding: each week comprised several videos to Continue reading

Technology in Translation

I have been quite busy lately, with little time to write a blog post for this week. However, here is an excellent article on technology in translation that you may like to read: Why So Many Translators Hate Translation Technology.

For clarification as to what CAT tools are, please see my post on the topic: The Translator’s Little Helpers.

Reading Dante

About ten years ago, I decided to read Dorothy L. Sayers’s English translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. I duly started with Hell and, although it made interesting reading in terms of general knowledge, I must confess I was not enthralled by the story per se. Still, I diligently carried on with Purgatory, at the end of which I decided to take a break.

Being short of reading material recently, I resumed the trilogy and picked Paradise off the shelf. Being a translator now means that I Continue reading

Translating Mandela

It probably comes as no surprise to most Europeans that Nelson Mandela wanted his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, to be translated into several African languages. It seems the obvious way to make the book accessible to all as well as acknowledging minority languages and the diversity of communities sharing the country of South Africa. But reading an article by Antjie Krog, translator of Long Walk to Freedom into Afrikaans, Continue reading