Machine Translation Gone Wrong – Again

Happy New Year to all!

As 2016 has started with large projects to work on, I have not had time to think much about a post for this week. Instead, you may wish to read this article, which shows how relying on machine translation is very dangerous indeed. Continue reading

Translating for the Arts

Following my previous article in The Linguist, I was invited to write a double-page article on art translation – and it’s made the front page! This article demonstrates the importance of working with a specialist translator and explains what a specialist does to keep up with a constantly evolving field.

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Technology in Translation

I have been quite busy lately, with little time to write a blog post for this week. However, here is an excellent article on technology in translation that you may like to read: Why So Many Translators Hate Translation Technology.

For clarification as to what CAT tools are, please see my post on the topic: The Translator’s Little Helpers.