How Brexit has Affected my Work so far

The bulk of my work consists mainly of two areas: art texts and books for art galleries, museums and publishers, and certified translations of personal documents. The first area has not really been impacted yet: galleries and museums are still receiving EU funding where applicable and, unlike some of my colleagues, my work is not dependent on long-term contracts between a client and Continue reading

Don’t Look Like a Fool

I recently received one of those comedy requests: a British translation agency contacted me at 5.15pm for an urgent translation: 700 German words for 11am the next day into English – or was it into French as the email subject said? At any rate, the translation had to be done by a “sworn translator recognised by the French authorities”.


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Certified Translation: Who Should You Commission?

Dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy can be a headache. Add translation and foreign authorities to the mix and stress kicks in. But, while it is important to commission the right person for the job, the process is much simpler than you might think.

So who can provide a certified translation? Well, Continue reading

Certified Translation: What Does it Mean?

A quote for a certified translation (birth/marriage/degree certificate, etc.) triggers all sorts of reactions: some expect the translation to take little more than the time it takes to read the document and the cost to be no more than £15, while others let a sigh of relief when they hear that it won’t cost them a three-digits figure.

Official documents present little information and it may seem like there is hardly anything to translate. But the translated version needs to Continue reading