Set it in Stone

It should go without saying that the texts you send to a translator must be absolutely final. At this stage, this is no longer work in progress. From a translator’s point of view, you could do little worse than updating them after they have started working on them.

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Clear Thinking for Clear Writing

After working on several texts of varying quality for an exhibition catalogue recently, I was not surprised that one of them came back with revisions for translation updates. The text read as if the art critic was trying to express concepts that he had not fully thought over, and was fumbling for words, resulting in strange choices of words, unnecessarily long sentences, syntax going off the rails, to say nothing of stray words and typos.

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Be the Translator’s Pet

If you get to the top of a translator’s favourite-clients list, you will get priority in times of emergency and they will go two extra miles for you. So how do you become the translator’s pet?

Think ahead

Translation and quality take time and we may have other large projects on, so the earlier you send us your document, the better the chance that we can fit you in. If you know it will be ready late, it’s a good idea to check our availability early to avoid disappointment – this implies that Continue reading “Be the Translator’s Pet”

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