Working with a Specialist

Depending on your text, there may be times when any good generalist translator can handle it. However, it is worth thinking long term. Is this just a one-off or could you need translation services again? If the latter, you obviously want to go back to the same professional next time if possible, so it may be a better idea to find a language partner who specialises in your field right from the start in case more demanding documents Continue reading

What Translators are Made of

There are millions of multilingual individuals in the world, but only a fraction of them make capable translators – because a translator is not simply “someone who speaks languages”. There’s a little more to us than that…

Writing Skills

A text is slightly more complex than just lines of words randomly put together to (hopefully) say something. For some, the details beyond that may seem like headaches for the pedants to worry about, but when these details are wrong, the message becomes cloudy at best. Being able to Continue reading